Vi var på fjellet i helgen, så himla fint! Lørdag gikk vi tur med Mini i bæresjal, men på søndag ble jeg rammet av sovesyken, og sov til halvtolv! Våknet kun da Mini skulle ha mat. Det er ny rekord etter at jeg ble mamma, utrolig deilig! Ergo ble tur til biltur hjem.

Jeg tror jeg har nevnt det både her og på instagram, men jeg har altså lest boken Primal moms look good naked de siste månedene. Med en liten Mini og andre gjøremål og leseting tar det så tid å få lest ferdig en bok! Det kan irritere meg litt, men men. Kosthold for å øke fertilitet, under svangerskapet og som ammende er jeg, naturlig nok, veldig interessert i om dagen. Ikke bare for min egen del – det er superviktig! Derfor har jeg gledet meg veldig til denne bloggposten, for jeg har nemlig fått et intervju med damen bak boken og bak nettstedet The primal parent, Peggy Emch! Det er jeg strålende fornøyd med. Hun har sluttet å blogge nå, men jeg anbefaler å lese artiklene hennes, og selvfølgelig boken.

Neste bloggpost blir om boken, blant annet med noen av mine favorittsitater derfra. Kort fortalt handler boken om hvorfor kvinner bør spise paleo (hun bruker termen primal med begrunnelse for det), både for egen helse og babyens helse. Hun nevner dessuten hvilke andre positive (utseende)effekter en paleodiett gir, så som fravær av cellulitter, strekkmerker, unngå unødig vektøkning, etc. Mer altså i neste post, her er intervjuet med Peggy!

1. Why did you write the book Primal moms look good naked?
I wrote the book for a few reasons. One, because several people asked me to write a book about pregnancy and I thought it was a good idea. I didn’t want to write just another book about pregnancy, though, so I decided to write it from an angle about which I knew many women were misguided and about topics nearly no one is writing about. I also wrote it because I am passionate about children’s health and what better place to start than before the baby is even born.

2. If a couple are trying to get pregnant without luck, what are your advice?
A person can be infertile for so many reasons. Probably the most common causes are hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies. The best place to start is to improve nutrition with the recommendations in my book. This may resolve hormonal imbalances on its own. Other important changes to make are exercise and lowering stress.

3. Has the book, and your blog, created some controversy? If so, why?
I don’t know if my book or blog have created controversy. It wouldn’t surprise me, though, since I am saying that practically everything we’ve been telling pregnant woman is wrong or misguided in some way.

4. There’s a saying that the baby gets what the baby needs. But what if the female body does not have anything to give – then what?
The placenta does act like a nanny to the fetus and will take from the mother’s nutrient stores as needed. This can cause some very servere deficiencies in the mother if she doesn’t improve her nutrition. The placenta, though, is no dummy. It will not take so much as to sacrifice the mother’s life. Instead it will miscarry.

5. Could you write a little bit about «manufacturing a baby».
You can think of the womb and fetus like a factory and product. Products begin with raw materials. Things don’t just show up out of thin air on the production line. If the factory produces sofas, for example, it will need fabric, wood, nails, stuffing, etc.. If the shipment of nails doesn’t come in, the sofas either don’t get made and the entire operation gets aborted or employees start dismantling the factory itself in order to continue producing sofas. If too many nails are taken from the factory, however, the factory will fall and there won’t be a place to make sofas anymore and, hence, no more sofas. Better just to wait for better times rather than destroy the factory, right?

6. I am sure my readers would love to hear about your pregnancies and babies.
My first pregnancy, 8 years ago, was unexpected. I was infertile but my fertility returned after improving my nutrition. It was a great pregnancy. I was healthy and active and felt fine. My daughter was also healthy and always has been. In 7 years she hasn’t had any of the illnesses that plague many of our young children today like ear or sinus infections. She is a mellow, happy kid. Maya, my 1 year old, is also very healthy and has had no need to visit a doctor in her first year. My second pregnancy wasn’t too bad. I was at my largest during a hot record breaking summer so it was a little tougher but I remained active, mostly in the pool, and ate a a Primal diet. You can read more about my story at my blog and in my book!