Beklager et litt forsinket blogginnlegg, men når man møter venninner man ikke ser for ofte og våren blomstrer i Berlin, da nedprioriteres macen for piker, vin og sang diskusjoner.

Sauvage Berlin er altså verdt et besøk. I tillegg til at maten var veldig god, føles det bra å spise på et sted som kun benytter seg av økologiske produkter og kjøtt fra dyr som ikke får kraftfor (gras fed). Før jeg dro til Berlin sendte jeg en mail til de som startet Sauvage og spurte pent om et intervju og en omvisning på kjøkkenet. Og det fikk jeg! Først; intervjuet med en av de to eierne, Boris (på engelsk, slik at han også kan lese det), og i neste innlegg skal jeg skrive mer om maten.

– When we opened the restaurant, we expected empty seats, but the feedback has been really good and after one year we’re able to make a small living out of it, says Boris, one of the two founders of Europe’s first paleo restaurant, Sauvage Berlin.

Boris og meg på kjøkkenet

Savage is a small restaurant with 40 seats, located in Neuköln. The restaurant serves grass fed and ecological beef, if possible from areas around Berlin. The same goes for all the other ingredients used. The menu changes about every other week, and always has meat, fish and a vegetarian option, plus desert and ecological wine. And, to my surprise, beer. – We’re in Berlin, Boris explains. We had to make some sacrifices. But the beer isn’t on the menu – we only serve it to those who ask.

Boris is a former vegetarian turned primal. – I was a vegetarian for ten years, but my health wasn’t good. I had trouble with dry skin and some eczema and I used to be ill a couple of times a year. Also, I did work out a lot to get fit. I did a lot of cardio and ate like a body builder with six small meals a day, but still I wasn’t really fit.

Boris discovered the paleo diet on the web, decided to give it a go: – I feel like I’m re-born. I’m actually overwhelmed by the changes. I’m never ill anymore, and I am more fit now even though I never do cardio anymore and only lift some heavy weights maximum three times a week.

After his husband, Rodrigo, also turned primal, they decided to start a restaurant. Without being chefs. And without prior experience. In the beginning, they made the food themselves, before they could afford to hire some chefs.

– Sauvage started out as a crazy idea, but apparently we met a demand in the market. There are a lot of eco-veggie restaurants in Berlin, but few restaurants that serve eco-meat, as we do. My life has changed so much after I discovered paleo, so I hope that Sauvage will improve other people’s health as well, says Boris.